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Part Numbers

Please use this system to look up OEM smart part numbers. Each code was correct at the time of adding. However, we cannot be responsible for any parts that have become obselete or removed by smart. Should you spot any mistakes, please let us know via the contact us system.

If you are looking for a particular part number, please contact us with your VIN and as much detail as you can. We will look up the part number and get back to you. :)

  Name Description Part Number:
Brabus exhaust

Twin pipe Brabus exhaust

Q001 5623 V001 0000 00
Brabus exhaust strap

For fitting the Brabus exhaust

Q001 3820 V002 0000 00
Brabus exhaust valance (stainless) fitting kit

Required for fitting the stainless steel Brabus exhaust valance.

Q001 3738 V001 0000 00
Brabus front springs

Brabus springs for the front suspension arm

Q001 3994 V001 0000 00
Brabus rear exhaust valance insert (left)

Black honeycomb insert for the left side only.

Q001 5624 V001 0000 00
Brabus rev counter

Brabus rev counter pod

Q001 4748 V001 C96A 00
Brabus Roadster leather arm rest

Arm rest for the Brabus Roaster Xclusive models.

Q001 9844 V001 0000 000
Brabus steering wheel frame

Brabus wheel frame

A451 464 06 02 CV5A
Brake cylinder fitting kit

Fitting kit for both rear brake cylinders

Q001 5283 V001 0000 00
Brake pads

Genuine smart front brake pads

A451 421 02 10
Brake pedal switch

Brake pedal switch for ESP and brake lights

Q000 2128 V024 0000 00
Button fascia

High level button fascia

Q001 2543 V004
Button fascia (lower)

Centre console button fascia for cars with a trip computer.

Q001 3157 V004 C22A 00
Button frame

Frame for mounting the buttons at high level

Q001 0142 V005
Button frame (lower)

Frame for holding the centre console buttons on cars with a trip computer.

Q001 3156 V004 C96A 00
Cam shaft

Standard camshaft

SQ001 2437 V001 0000 00
Cam shaft seal

Sprocket bolt access seal

SQ000 3090 V001 0000 00
Cam sprocket

This sprocket fits onto the end of the camshaft.

A160 052 01 01
Carpet name plate

For fitting into the base carpet by the doors.

Q001 2921 V002 0000 00
Carpet peg

For holding the carpet next to the engine cover.

A000 991 27 95
CD drawers

Accessory for lower centre console.

Q001 3112 V005 C96A 00
Centre tunnel (electric wings)

Centre tunnel with opening for electric wing mirror switch.

Q001 4467 V001 C96A 00
Clip slot ties

Wiring loom attachment ties

Q000 8292 V000 0000 00
Clutch 599cc

Clutch for the 599cc models.

Q000 3231 V015 0000 00
Clutch 698cc Brabus Roadster

Clutch for the 698cc Brabus Roadster.

Q001 8168 V001 0000 00
Clutch 698cc fortwo and Roadster

Clutch for the 698cc models.

Q000 9855 V001 0000 00
Clutch actuator securing bolt

Clutch actuator securing bolt.

A000 990 26 03
Coil pack bolt (short)

Coil pack bolt

Q000 7202 V0000 0000 00
Combination filter (aircon)

Combination or Pollen filter.

C000 1110 V003 0000 00
Crankcase breather pipe

Breather pipe for venting the crankase into the intake manifold.

A160 018 06 12