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Part Numbers

Please use this system to look up OEM smart part numbers. Each code was correct at the time of adding. However, we cannot be responsible for any parts that have become obselete or removed by smart. Should you spot any mistakes, please let us know via the contact us system.

If you are looking for a particular part number, please contact us with your VIN and as much detail as you can. We will look up the part number and get back to you. :)

  Name Description Part Number:
T-Bag storage

Roadster T-Bag for behind the seats.

Q001 9350 V001 0000 00
Tailgate gas strut

Gas strut for coupe rear glass tailgate.

Q000 0618 V007 0000 00
Thermostat and temperature sensor

Thermostat and temperature sensor.

A160 200 03 15
Throttle body intercooler seal

Seal which fits between the top intercooler pipe and the throttle body.

Q000 1489 V003 0000 00
TIK 60kW

60kW turbo intake air pipe.

Q000 9985 V001 0000 00
TIK 60kW seal

Turbo seal for the 60kW TIK.

Q000 3017 V004 0000 00
TIK 74kW

74kW turbo intake air pipe.

Q001 9609 V001 0000 00
TIK bracket

TIK mounting bracket

Q001 2685 V001 0000 00
TIK bracket securing bolts

Bolts for securing the TIK bracket and engine earth strap.

MN000000 001116
Timing case oil seal

Crank seal for the timing case.

A166 997 02 46
Timing chain

Timing chain for the fortwo 450 and Roadster

A160 997 04 94
Timing chain fitting kit

Complete service kit for timing chain replacement.

A160 050 02 69
Timing chain slide rail

Also known as chain guide.

A 160 052 01 16
Timing chain tensioner

Hydraulic timing chain tensioner.

A160 050 02 11
Timing chain tensioner arm

Timing chain tensioner arm.

A160 052 00 16
Towing eye cover (fortwo 450)

Towing eye cover cap (front or back) for the fortwo 450.

C000 3944 V004 C22A 00
Towing eye cover black (Roadster)

Towing eye cover for the black textured inner panels.

SQ001 1103 V002 CC0A 00
Towing eye cover grey (Roadster)

Towing eye cover for the grey textured inner panels.

SQ001 1103 V002 CE0A 00
Triangle Rivets

Rivets for holding the exterior wing mirror triangles.

A000 991 66 40
Tridion cover strips

Strips to cover cracked paint over flexible joints.

Q001 5755 V001 0000 00
Trim fixing pegs (short) light grey

Pegs for holding the rear interior trim panels to the tridion.

Q000 7231 V000 CB0A
Trip computer

Centre console trip computer.

Q001 3120 V002 C59Z 00
Turbo 60kW

60kW turbo for the fortwo 450 Brabus and standard Roadster.

A160 096 10 99
Turbo 74kW Brabus

Brabus Roadster turbo.

Q001 7617 V001 AL00 12
Turbo coolant pipe (bottom)

Coolant pipe between crankcase and and turbo.

Q001 5418 V002 0000 00
Turbo coolant pipe (top)

Coolant pipe between water pump carrier and turbo.

Q000 3156 V004 0000 00
Turbo coolant pipe banjo bolt

Banjo bolt complete with 2 copper washers.

Q000 2722 V000 0000 00
Turbo copper nuts M7 (698cc)

For securing turbos for the 698cc engine.

MA271 142 00 72
Turbo exchange - 599cc reconditioned

Exchange of old turbo for a reconditioned one.

A160 096 06 99/80
Turbo line holder

This clip holds the turbo lines to the TIK bracket.

Q001 2684 V001 0000 00