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Contact Us was founded in 2006 with the sole purpose to help other smart owners and also as a platform to showcase our experience gained through owning these cars. Based in England, FQ101 is now concentrated on the Hertfordshire Essex border near to the town of Bishop's Stortford.

The website was launched in the summer of that year by Justin, James, Gavin and Jimmy who collectively agreed a plan after an evening in a pub! The four were soon joined by Rich, Sam, Kirsty and Helen - each of who brought different skills to helping FQ101 grow. Naturally, all of the team were smart owners and at one point, they owned 13 cars between them, ranging from fortwo 450s to Brabus Roadsters and even a Crossblade.

As well as modifying and maintaining smarts, we are also heavily involved within the smart owner's club on both a national and international level. We aim to be present at as many events as we can manage! But these events are not about promoting FQ101. The owners club has allowed us to form close friendships both in the UK and overseas. forming relationships is critical component of the success of any community.

As a group, we are incredibily proud of what we have achieved and learned over the years. On many occasion, we have learned the hard way - often by breaking things or taking shorcuts when we really shouldn't have! It is this experience we bring to you as fellow smart enthusiasts. We are here to help.