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Remove the rear panels to gain access to the lower engine section using one of the guides below:

Roadster: Guide
Coupe: Guide

Remove the crash bar by removing the six T45 bolts securing it to the subframe.

Next detach the lambda sensor from the exhaust, follow the cable up from the lambda sensor and unhook the plug from its bracket and unplug the sensor.

Use a 22mm ring spanner to unscrew the lambda sensor. These sensors are often difficult to remove due to the heat they are subjected to, so some ‘gentle’ persuasion may be required.

For the next part of the process you will need to improve access by removing the bolt securing the heat shield around the turbo mounted lambda sensor, and lift the heat shield slightly.

Use a 13mm socket to undo the nuts securing the exhaust downpipe to the turbo, as they are made of brass they quite often fuse to the stud and remove both at the same time, this is a good thing as we recommend replacing both every time the exhaust system is removed as they have a habit of snapping with time.

Undo the two exhaust brackets from the box itself, these are secured by E14 bolts.

The exhaust will now come away from the car. Offer the new exhaust upto the car in exactly the same way as the other came off and re-secure the can with the E14 bolts.

Ensure the exhaust fits nicely onto the turbo, stand back to make sure the exhaust sits straight.

Using new studs, tighten them up firmly, but not tight. Put the nuts onto the turbo studs and tighten firmly along with the heatshield bolt removed earlier.

Plug the lambda sensor back in, and run the engine to check the exhaust is suitably mounted with no signs of leakage.

If all is good then replace the rear crash bar and rear panel.

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