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There is nothing unusal about the airconditioning system on the Roadster. However, when it comes to replacing the refrigerant, some garages struggle to locate the system filling points. This guide shows where they are located on a right hand drive car. It may be useful to print this off and take it with you when you go for a refill.

Both filing points are located in the front boot, under the bonnet bin.

In each of the locations circled above, you will see a black dust cap which needs to be removed before the system can be refilled. Each cap is slightly different and must be refitted after refilling.

We would recommened getting your airconditioning refilled properly and avoid using DIY kits as you will never get the pressures that are required to properly evacuate and fill the system. Also, it is important that the refrigerant contains an oil which will keep the compressor and dryer well lubricated.

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