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This follows the same principle as for the standard Roadsters with the addition of having to remove the rear windows. If you have a Brabus, you will need to remove the side skirts as described here.

Start by opening the boot and removing the seal. It just pulls off.

Reach inside the boot. You will notice that both of the rear windows are secured with a number of screws. Use a T27 torx bit to loosen them all. Be careful when you remove the last one - ensure that someone is holding the glass in order to prevent it from falling.

Remove both of the windows and place them safely out of the way.

This is the coupé with the windows off. Note the metal window frames which are welded to the tridion. This demonstrates that coupés were made alongside the standard Roadsters and not born from it. Turning one into the other is not directly possible.

Push the carpet back along the front to reveal the holes for loosening the TX25 screws on top of the back panel.

Undo all of these.

There are 4 in total. You don't need to remove the light clusters. It is easier to disconnect these at a later stage.

Undo the 3 TX25 screws along either side...

...and the two on each of the air scoops.

Follow the air scoops down to the bottom. Underneath the car, you will notice an access flap. Open this up to reveal 2 more TX25 screws on both sides.

On the inside of the wheel arches, there are two pop studs on either side. These remove by pushing the centre pin all the way through. Be careful that you don't lose the pin as they can be reused. However, if you do need replacements, you can order them from your local smart parts counter under the following part number: SQ000 7370 V000 0000 0.

Finally there are two remaining TX25 screws on the honeycomb inserts on the rear.

Remove the numberplate lights to make the whole panel free.

With one person one side and one the other, pull the arches away from the car.

Whilst holding these away, gently move the panel away from the back of the car. When there is enough clearance, reach down to disconnect the rear light clusters.

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