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The boot lock is one of the many components on the Roadster which may fail and need to be replaced. In this example, the electric solenoid stopped working which meant that th boot could not be opened either via the key or via the button on the centre console. In this situation, it is worth mentioning that there is an emergency boot release cable.

With the boot open, you can start to access the lock.

Remove the rubber seal by pulling.

The rear section of carpet is held in place with two plastic rivets whown circled below:

Use a thin screwdriver to lift up the centre pin:

The pin and the rivet base will easily pull free:

Lift the carpet up and over the lock:

Holding the carpet back, you can access the two securing bolts. You will need a T30 bit on a socket set to access these.

With the bolts removed, you will need to slide the lock mechanism upwards. The lock is located using a key-way in the chassis. The blue arrow in the picture below shows the locating lug on the back of the lock. This engages with the slot on the chassis indicated by the red arrow.

With the lock free from the car, you need to remove the emergency release cable. Twist the plastic section as shown:

With the cable sheath free, you need to dettach the wire from the release arm. Rotate the wire in a way that it can slide through the hole indicated by the solid arrow below:

The release cable will now be free.

Finally, you need to unplug the electrical connection. There is a release catch on the side of the connector which need to be pressed before pulling the connector.

The lock will now be free.

When fitting the replacement lock, you will note that there is some vertical adjustment in the way the lock fixes to the chassis. This will require some fine tuning and testing. You need to ensure that the lock is low enough for the boot to create a good seal with the rubber; but not too low that the boot catch does not correctly engage.

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