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Firstly, you need to remove the side skirts.

Pop the boot open, and you will see 8 main torx bolts on the edge of the panel. use a T25 Torx bit to remove these

Next remove the rear lights, undo the single securing torx bit (T25), slide the whole unit to the outer edge of the car, it will move 5-10mm.

Pull the light cluster out of the car, and disconnect the wiring (repeat for the other side)

On A standard Roadster you must remove the rear piece of trim on the sills. There is a small pop stud which requires the centre pin to be pushed out, this is through the wheel arch lining into the trim. remove this and pull the trim back to uncover a couple of bolts underneath. If Brabus side-skirts are fitted, there is an extra fixing which is secured to the rear panel.

Repeat for the other side

Pop out the 2 rear grilles on the back of the car, there is a little slot for you to fit a screwdriver in, but I wouldn't recommend this through fear of damaging the grille itself. Instead, crawl under the car and remove the clips from the back.

The grilles will pop out, and you can now access 2 more torx screws here:

Remove the number plate lights, by pulling them towards you, this will release a small plastic lip which holds them into the panel, then gently lift up until you can see a small metal tab. If you can, just flick this in to release the number-plate light unit. then simply disconnect the lights.

Now, unscrew the final torx bits, 2 on each 'vent'. The the panel unhooks off small tabs (seen in the picture), and pulls away gently to the side.

Now (with 2 people!) gently lift off the panel from the back of the car.

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