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Click here for a full list of all the bulbs on a fortwo.

Fully open the boot and loosen the 2 plastic nuts with a 10mm hex socket.

Wiggle the whole assembly over to the right. There are two little clips which will come free with a bit of gentle persuasion.

Lift the whole assembly out of the car.

If it makes it easier to work, remove the wiring from the back of the unit.

To access the lamps, push the retaining clip shown below:

Lift the cover away to reveal the lamp holder.

Replace the offending lamp. Remember the top lamp on each cluster is the two stage break / side light. The one beneath it is an additional side light.

Reassemble the fitting and fit back to the car. Ensure that the two side clips locate fully.

Reassemble the cluster and reconnect the wiring. Locate the two hooks on the side of the cluster with the holes on the tridion.

Put the cluster back into position and check that the hooks are still holding correctly before replacing the plastic nuts.

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