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If you have  a fortwo 450 with side airbags, chances are you will have these mounted at high level on the tridion. They are simply blocks of expanded plastic covered in cloth and provide head padding. For cars with silver tridions the pads will be grey; for black tridion cars they will be black.

If you are keen to buy a set, be warned as the pair of them retail for more than £60! Your best option would be to source a pair from a breakers yard, or similar.

In this guide  we will be fitting a new set which we were kindly donated. The following picture shows pads for a right hand drive car. The pad with the longer edge is the driver's side pad. The following part numbers apply:

  • LHD Grey Pads: Q001 0757 V002 C24A 00
  • LHD Black Pads: Q001 0757 V002 C22A 00
  • RHD Grey Pads: Q001 0758 V002 C24A 00
  • RHD Black Pads: Q001 0758 V002 C22A 00

The pads mount in this location on either side of the car.

Start by giving the area a good clean. Don't add polish or other product which may leave a film as this will make the pads harder to adhere.

The new pads will have a layer of adhesive tape on the back of them. If you are reusing pads from another car, apply a layer of double sided tape accross the back of the pad.

With the new pad, the backing simpl peels off to reveal the adhesive surface.

Offer the pad up to the tridion. You will find the the shape of the pad only allows it to fit in one place. Once you are happy it is lined up, press the pad into place and hold firmly for abouta minute.

Repeat for the other side.

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