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This kit is available from smartes-tuning at this location. To fit the window button, you do not need to disconnect the battery as the electric window system is safely isolated when the ignition is off.

Remove the two T20 screws holding the door handle and remove. Also remove the 4No. T10 screws holding the door pocket in place.

This will have now 'unlocked' the door card.

To remove the door card, pull as shown. This can be a bit tricky but it will become clear how the card unclips.

As the botton of the door card comes away the top section unhooks from the door frame in the direction indicated below:

With the door card removed, you can now access all the necessary wiring.

The smartes-tuning kit comprises the following:

Unclip the wiring to the window motor from the bottom of the door lining. Expose the wires and cut both as shown:

Strip the ends of the wires to reveal about 8mm of the cores.

Push the wires from the window motor into the splices labelled 'motor'. Now crimp the splice so that the wires are secured.

Connect the remain wires to the 'schalter' splices. Crimp these in place also.

It is not essential, but we recommend taping up the splices. Put the smartes-tuning control box in door lining and begin to route the wiring up toward the passenger window button switch.

Expose some of the wiring which connects to the passenger window switch. You need the yellow/black wire.

Clamp the scotch lock provided within the smartes-tuning fitting kit to the yellow/black wire. Push the blue/red wire from the smartes-tuning fitting kit into the blind scotch lock terminal. With some pliers, push the metal pin into the lock so that both wires are retained. This will create contact between the two wires. Finally, fold the red cover over the scotch lock.

The two thin brown wires now need to be run from the passenger door to the driver side door. To do this, you need to remove the front panels. To add some additional protection to the wires, we have wrapped them in black PVC insulation tape.

Feed the wires along the route of the existing door wiring harness. There is a cable channel at the door hinge position which needs to be opened up in order to do this. For clarity, we have also removed the outer door panel. However, this is not essential. The door channel has two tabs which need to be released.

Then pull the whole channel away from the door lining:

Route the wiring around the front of the car. Ensure that you avoid the mechanics of the wiper motor system. We try to follow the exising wiring and cable tie to this at regular intervals.

Bring the wiring through the driver side door cable channel.

In the driver's door panel, drill a hole for the new passenger window switch.

Take the following components from the smartes-tuning fitting kit:

Expose the brown wire that connects to the driver's window switch. With the scotch lock, attach the short wire that connects to the smartes-tuning window switch as follows:

Feed the wiring which you have run around the front of the car through the new hole. Crimp the spade connectors provided in the smartes-tuning fitting kit to the ends of each wire. Plug these connectors into the back of the switch.

Before you fit the  switch in place, you need to work out which way the passenger window operates. Switch on the ignition and test the switch for correct operation of the passenger window. Now that you know which way the switch works, push the switch back into the hole:

This completes the installation of the switch. Check that all new wiring is secure and refit the door cards to complete the job.

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