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ImageTypeApplicable fortwosRatingApplication
581 mk1-7 12V, 21W Amber Front & Rear Indicators
380 mk1-7 12V, 21/5W Combined Rear Stop & Side Lights
382 mk1-7 12V, 21W Rear Fog & Reverse Lights
254 mk1-7 12V, 7W Numberplate & Interior Courtesy Lights
284 mk1-7 12V, 2.3W High Level Brake Light
501A mk1-7 12V, 5W Side Repeaters (with clear holders)
501 mk1-7 12V, 5W Front Side Lights, side repeaters (with orange holders)
472 H4 mk1-5 12V, 60/55W Combined Dipped and Full Beam
499 H7 mk6-7 12V, 55W Dipped Beam Headlight
448 H1 mk6-7 12V, 55W Full Beam Headlight
453 H3 mk1-7 12V, 55W Front Fog Light
509T 1.1W mk1-7 12V, 1.1W Dash lights, centre console light
509T 1.5W mk1-7 12V, 1.5W Pods
509T 2.0W mk1-7 12V, 2.0W Interior light switch

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