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All standard Roadsters have a 45kW or 60kW TIK whereas the Brabus Roadsters have a 74kW TIK. If you want to improve the induction on your Roadster then fitting a Brabus one can make a real difference.

Both TIKs have the following part numbers:
60kW: Q000 9985 V001 0000 00.
74kW: Q001 9609 V001 0000 00.
You will also need a new turbo gasket: Q000 3017 V004 0000 00.

In order to do this, you need to remove the rear panel. Click here for coupé removal or here for the standard Roadster.

Due to spatial constraints of the Roadster engine bay, it is easier to remove the intercooler pipes first. Open the engine bay and use a 7mm socket to remove the the intercooler-throttle pipe first.

Repeat for the turbo-intercooler pipe.

With the pipes removed, block the exposed outlets of the intercooler, throttle body and turbo to prevent any dirt falling inside the induction system.

The back of the TIK is fixed by a bracket bolted to the gearbox. The screws holding the TIK also hold the cycle valve in place. However, the intercooler outlets foul access to the screws.

In order to get a bit more 'play', unscrew the two E10 bolts that hold the braket to the gearbox.

You may wish to unclip the vacuum switching valve from the bracket as well. It is retained by a clip on shown as follows:

Use a 7mm socket or a large screwdriver, loosen the TIK from the turbo.

Loosen the TIK from the airbox.

Pull the breather pipes off the lower end of TIK. If the are stuck fast, use a flat blade screwdriver to gently leaver them off.

Manipulate the TIK off the turbo. You will notice that there is a very short vacuum pipe that connects at the back. Again, if it is stuck, use a screwdriver to prise it off.

There will now be enough movement in the pipe to get to the E8 bolts securing the back of the TIK.

Pull the pipe off the airbox.

The TIK will come out of the car in this direction:

Fit the upgraded TIK using the reverse method to removal. Ensure that the upgraded turbo gasket is fitted.

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