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From time to time we've seen some smart engines building up so much engine pressure that it pushes the dip stick out of the holder.

When and if this happens your first point of call is to change breather hoses and one way valves, as these are the more common culprits for this type of issue.

However, we've also seen the breather channel within the rocker cover actually blocked with built up, dried oil.

To clear this channel you will need to remove the rocker cover, now this is easier said than done as in turn you need to remove the throttle body, inlet manifold, fuel lines, fuel rail, coil packs and disconnect the top set of HT leads. Allow at least an hour to remove all of this first time.

When you have removed the rocker cover you will clearly see the channel, shown below.

For ease of access, remove the vented cover by unscrewing the three 'E' bolts.

Brake cleaner is perfect for breaking down any stubborn build up.

Installation is reverse of removal ensuring you replace the fuel line fasteners.

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