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Depending on your preference, you may wish to perform an oil change as part of an intermediate service. You must replace the oil filter at the same time. You may find that a video of the whole procedure may be of use.

In order to change the oil, you will need 4 litres of fully synthetic oil and an oil suction pump. We used a Pela 6000 oil extractor.

Before you begin, warm up the car to 3 blobs (80-90degrees) in order to reduce the oil viscosity. This can be achieved by a quick spin round the block. Switch the engine off and allow the oil to settle for 5 minutes.

Remove the dipstick. Insert the tube of the oil extractor all the way down to the sump.

Begin to extract the oil from the engine with a few pumps. You will see the oil travel up the pipe and into the container. Let this continue for a few minutes before repeating.

When you hear hissing, remove and reinsert the tube a couple of times in order to suck out the last bit of oil from the sump.

Remove the pump tube and replace the dipstick. Remove the oil filler cap and begin to pour the oil into the engine taking care not to pour oil over the block. Start with about 2 litres then check the level on the dipstick.

For 599cc engines, the oil fill level should be as follows:

Keep adding a little bit of oil at a time and checking the dipstick.

Under no circumstances should you exceed the max mark. This will cause irreversible damage to your engine.

Finally, replace the filler cap and clean up any spilt oil.

*** Remember to dispose of the old oil correctly ***

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