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After years of use, the wiper linkage pivot points can wear and start to fail.

This can result in the wiper rods popping off their pivot points leaving one of the wipers 'stranded' on the screen.

Instead of replacing the whole wiper unit, a replacement rod set can be used. Q0007488V001.

Whilst we have managed to change these in the past through the vents, it is well worth the effort (and ultimately quicker) to remove the front panels.

Remove the front panel mount for additional access.

You will then clearly be able to see the worn/disconnected wiper rod.

Looking closely you can see that the ultimate failure has been caused by the ingress of water into the pivot cap.

You need to then disconnect the remaining (and still connected) end of the rod, a sharp hit downwards will release the pivot ball from the joint.

You can see the difference between the failed rod and the new one.

The complete wiper rod set comprises all 3 rods: left arm, right arm and the central motor arm. The following image shows how they all attach. Note that the terms 'Left' and 'Right' apply to looking directly at the front of the car.

The left wiper arm can only be installed one way (note the location of the bend).

The right wiper arm needs to be installed with the covered rubber cap on the central rocker.

The short central arm can technically be installed either way around but the correct way is with the text facing the correct way up as shown in the following picture:

Use a set of pliers, or a mole-wrench (set to about 15mm gap at closed) to pop the new linkage onto the pivot ball joint.
You may wish to add a dab of grease to the pivot ball prior to attaching the rod, this might help the movement and prolong the life (but this is not critical).

You will note the other end of the rod does not directly locate, so move the wiper manually down (or up) the screen until the rod end and pivot align.

Then squeeze together as before.

Remember to check the full movement before reassembling the front panel.

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