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It's not uncommon for the windows to over-run their stop positions. When this happens, it will split the rubber on the vertical element of the window. It may also begin to rub away at the door seal as pictured below.

To address this, you need to remove the outer door panel.

Lower the window slightly and you should see two plastic window stops attached to the glass.

If one is missing, have a look at the bottom of the door as these can sometimes fall off with use. The following is a window stop for a mk1-5. Later models use a split rivet instead of a plastic screw.

Use a T30 angled tool to refit the window stop. This can be a little awkward as the stop must go on the back of the glass (as shown). It's a good idea to check the other side as well.

If you find that the window stops fall out, try wrapping a small cable tie around rivet where is splays out.

Raise the window and see if that solves the problem. If not, then there is a further element of adjustment which you can try.

Lower the window to the point where it should stop. Then lower it a few millimeters more.

Circled in the picture below are the window stop adjusters.

Slacken these off with a T30 bit and pull them down as far as they will go.

Now raise the window. You should hopfully find that the window closes to the correct stopping point. If not, repeat the adjustment process until you are happy.

Refit the out door panel to complete the job.

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