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External temperature display was a standard feature on Pulse and Passion models. The Pure, however, was overlooked. If you wish to add this function to your car please follow the guide below.

The first thing to note is the retrofit process isn't as easy as just plugging the sensor in. The speedo head needs its software to be flashed in order to activate this feature.

The sensor needs to be added to the car. You can order it direct from smart under the part number of: 000 1198 V003000000.

This job is made a lot easier by removing the front panels.
You need to locate the wiring loom it plugs into. It is usually strapped up behind the near side front wheel arch lining with electrical tape.

Pull the wiring loom straight and plug the sensor into the newly found plug.

Press the sensor into the side of the air guide until it 'clicks'.

Reassemble the front of the car and get the speedo flashed to activate the display.

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