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From 1998 to 2001 all the smarts in the UK were imported. To meet the UK lighting regulations, the headlamp lenses needed to be fitted with a 'beam bender' to change the shape of the light produced.

The result of this is actually a reduction in effective light on the road.
From 2001 (for 1 year) smart produced RHD lights for the official UK spec cars. These can be swapped over to your import car for better light on the road.

First remove the grill; you can use this guide, but note on the early panels, there are 4 clips at the top, and 3 at the bottom.

Remove the front panel and arches, as shown here.

Remove the top seal mount and crossmember.

The outer 2 bolts are T27 torx bits.

The central bolt is a T25.

The crossmember will then lift off.

Use a T25 to remove the top flexi-mount bolt.

The lower light is mounted to the front crossmember using a T30 bolt.

The side of the light is held onto a bracket on the chassis using a 10mm nut and bolt; use 2 spanners to remove this.

The light will then pop off the bracket.

Unplug all of the lights and the adjustment motor, and remove the lamp unit.

Repeat for the other light.

Before total re-assembly, test the lights.

During reassembly, reposition the top seal crossmember so that it locates correctly on a tab of the lamp unit.

Complete reassembly.

You will need to visit an MOT station to get the beam angles checked and realigned where necessary.

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