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Getting off quickly at the lights has never been easy or a particularly fun process in the smart; however there are ways of speeding it up.
(all of the methods listed below will reduce the life of your clutch compared with normal driving)

Method 1. (Only 2003 onwards, with the factory sports start, auto models only)
No technique involved here, just floor the throttle flat down to the floor until you feel some resistance then push a little harder so you feel the pedal 'click'. Sit back and let the car do the rest. The car will automatically change up a gear when you reach 6200rpm (as standard).

Method 2. (Only 2003 onwards, all fortwos and roadsters)
Blip the throttle very sharp a few times to build the revs (in gear, but without moving anywhere, this takes a lot of practice to keep the car stationary). Just as it touches under 3000rpm hit the throttle to the floor, the clutch will engage and give you a quick (but not over the top) start.

Method 3. (for all smarts of all years)
Turn your ignition key to position 2 and hold it. Floor the throttle and let go of the key before it gets to 3000rpm (or the car won't go anywhere). This method can take quite a bit of practice to get right but once perfected gives a very fierce start.

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