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Fuse No.Fuse RatingFuse ColourFunction
1 25A Neutral Ignition Coil, Starter Motor
2 20A Yellow Windscreen Wipers, washer pump
3 20A Yellow Heater blower, seat heater relay.
4 30A Green Electric Windows L&R
5 7.5A Brown Light stalk and other light switches.
6 7.5A Brown Parking / Tail Lights R (switch illumination)
7 7.5A Brown Parking / Tail Lights L
8 20A Yellow Terminal 87/3 Master Relay (ignition coils)
9 10A Red Terminal 87/2 Master Relay (injection valves)
10 15A Blue Terminal 87/1 Master Relay
11 7.5A Brown Instrument Cluster, safety cluster, OBD
12 15A Blue Radio CD, interior light
13 15A Blue Fog Lamps
14 25A Neutral ESP Valves
15 15A Blue Charge Air Cooler, air conditioning compressor
16 10A Red Electric Fuel Pump
17 15A Blue Rear Wiper
18 7.5A Brown ABS, Airbag Trigger
19 7.5A Brown Mirror Heaters / Adjusters
20 15A Blue Radio CD, Inst. Cluster, Tacho, OBD, Backup Lamp
21 15A Blue Power Socket
22 7.5A Brown Low Beam R
23 7.5A Brown Low Beam L
24 7.5A Brown High Beam R
25 7.5A Brown High Beam L / combined light
26 15A Blue Brake Light
27 7.5A Brown ECU
28 30A Green Rear window heater / engine fan
29 25A Neutral Softop drive unit
30 40A Orange Relay for auto gearbox / SE drive unit
31 30A Green Horn, central locking, rear lid remote unlock
32 30A Green Secondary-air Pump
33 50A Red Ignition
34 50A Red ESP
35 30A Green EPS (Power Steering)
R1 - - Spare circuit - switched live (Glass sliding roof)
R2 - - Spare circuit - switched live
R3 - - Spare circuit - switched live
R4 - - Spare circuit - switched live
R5 - - Spare circuit - permanent live
R6 - - Spare circuit - permanent live
R7 - - Spare circuit - permanent live
R8 - - Spare circuit - permanent live
R9 - - Spare circuit - permanent live (heated seats)

Fuses 32-35 can be found on the rear of this SAM unit.

Expansion slots R1-R4 are switched with the ignition.

Expansion slots R5-R9 are constant live slots. You may find that R9 is occupied with a 25A fuse. This is the power to the heated seats, if you have them.

NOTE: We have found errors manuals with part numbers: Q001 8318 V001 0000 00 and Q002 2074 V001 0000 00. Whenever replacing fuses, do so with one of the same rating. Never put a fuse in of higher rating, unless you know what you are doing.

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