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All Roadsters are fitted with a service indicator which will inform you when your next service is due. As a general rule of thumb, a service is due based on the following rule:

  • Every 7,000 miles (10,000km) or every year, whichever occurs sooner

However, there are a number of other factors which contribute to the service interval period so do not be surprised if the above rule isn't followed precisely. Such factors include how hard the car is driven, how many times it is stopped/started, an accumulation of minor fault codes, etc.

Your service indicator is there to tell you whether a service is due, or overdue.

To see how many miles (or kilometers) there are until your next service, double press the centre top button on the instrument display. This will not tell you how many days there are to go. A single spanner represents a minor 'A' service; two spanners represent a major 'B' service.



When there are approximately 1,500 miles or 30 days until your service is due, the display will start to notifiy you of this when you start the car.

If your car runs over its service due date or mileage, it will show a minus infront of the number of days or hundreds of miles it is overdue. These numbers will increment  as you continue to drive the car.

The following image shows that this Roadster is overdue an A-Service (note the 1 spanner) by 54 days:


The next day, this will shown -55 and will increment each day thereafter until the car is serviced and the counter is reset.


Interestingly enough, if you had a trip computer installed after the car was new, it will always show the wrong number of spanners. If this applies to you, the mileage in the instrument cluster is correct.



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