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As part of every service, the air filter should either be replaced or cleaned. If your filter is a disposable paper one, simply discard the old one and replace with new. In this guide we have replaced the paper filter with an uprated foam filter from ITG.

Open your engine cover. The air filter box is located to the left of the engine bay. There are four clips in each corner which hold the lid on. Push these clips back.

To remove the lid you need to twist it slightly and move it across to the right as you will find that the cables get in the way.

With the lid removed, you can now access the air filter. To remove it, push the clamp towards the back of the car as shown:

Pull the filter free from the airbox. See how well it was doing its job!

Give the airbox a quick clean with a vacuum cleaner to remove any large debris. We recommend doing this as it minimises the risk of any unfiltered particulates from falling down the TIK towards the turbo.

Fit your new filter and push the clamp towards the front of the car in order to clamp it into position. In this case we have replaced the standard paper filter with a foam one to increase airflow into the turbo. However, the principle is the same with a paper filter.

Note that with some aftermarket filters (Piper X etc.) you will need to remove the clamp and secure the filter with the jubilee clip provided.

Finally, refit the lid to the airbox. If you have replaced the filter with a performance one, remove the Bosch filter label and replace it with the one that came with your kit.

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