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To find out which service your car is due and for information on the service counter, see this page.

Service Scope for A Service:

Operational test:

  • Read out fault memory with diagnostics tester
  • Reset maintenance interval display in instrument cluster
  • Check lights and turn signal indicators, adjust if necessary
  • Check miscellaneous electrical consumers
  • Check correct functioning of safety belts and safety belt buckles
  • Check handbrake play, adjust if necessary
  • Test vehicle on dynamometer
  • Check windscreen wiper system
  • Check windscreen washer system, adjust spray nozzle settings if required
  • Check windscreen washer fluid level, top up if necessary
  • Breakdown set: check date of expiry on tyre seal container
  • First aid pouch: check date of expiry

Engine, engine compartment, gearbox:

  • Check the assemblies visually for leaks, damaged components, incorrectly positioned lines and signs of wear. In the event of fluid loss, determine the cause and rectify under a separate job order
  • Check gearbox oil level and correct if necessary
  • Check fuel system for leaks
  • Check coolant level and correct if necessary
  • Check antifreeze content of cooling system and correct if necessary (at least -27 deg C)
  • Check exhaust system for leaks and secure fit
  • Check battery terminals for correct location and secure fit
  • Check battery fluid, top up if necessary
  • Check charge air cooler
  • Check condition and tension of V-belt, and correct or replace if necessary
  • Oil change
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check fuel filter
  • Check alternator belt
  • Check air conditioning compressor belt

Running gear, steering, brakes:

  • Check all rubber bearings and joints for signs of leakage
  • Check axle shaft sleeves for damage and leaks
  • Check steering mechanics and collars for signs of damage
  • Check brake fluid level and correct if necessary
  • Check brake fluid (boiling point) and change if necessary
  • Conduct visual inspection of brake lines
  • Check brake pads for wear
  • Check brake discs and gauge whether the limit of wear has been reached
  • Check brake system for leaks
  • Check condition of wheels and tyres
  • Check tightening torque of wheel studs and correct if necessary
  • Check tyre pressures and correct if necessary


  • Check underside of vehicle for signs of damage
  • Check body for paintwork damage and signs of rust
  • Grease/oil hinges and locks of doors and flaps
  • Replace combined filter
  • Radio remote control – change battery
  • Check that the hardtop fits securely and accurately
  • Check that the storage tray is correctly installed
  • Clean guide rails and lubricate them lightly with special oil
  • Check functioning sunroof top

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