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If you find that your air-con is starting to smell when used, it is probably due a clean. When in use, bacteria starts to grow on the moisture that is left in the pipes and as the system starts to de-humidify, it is this bacteria which produces a musty smell in the car.

Buy some air-conditioning cleaner,(the Comma kit shown is available from Halfords for £11.99. Alternatively Tesco do an equivalent for £4.97)

Take out EVERYTHING you can from the car, including the stereo face if possible, and make sure you have plenty of clean cloths! If you have a combined filter, this needs to be removed first.

Set the aircon on full.

Start the car.

Set the fan to dash vents, full blower, and recirculate.

Put the can in the footwell, with the part you will press facing the centre of the car because the spray will release at a slight angle.

Press the button so it sticks on, and close the door.

The can will run for about 5 minutes, once it has finished leave the car for a further 5 minutes, then turn off the car.

Use the cloths to wipe off the liquid as soon as possible, it will come off later with some cleaner, but it is better to wipe it off while it is still wet.

The car will smell of citrus for a day or so, but the result is aircon that doesn’t smell like Ghandi’s flip flops!!

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