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A replacement filter by 'Mann' has part Number WK512 or you can use the Hengst filter shown below:

Although the fuel filter should be changed as part of second 'a' or 'extended b' service, this is not always the case. Sometimes if you get an unknown smell of fuel, this can also be down to a failure in the fuel filter.

Contrary to the fortwo, the Roadster fuel filter is located under the nearside wheel arch.

Start by jacking up the car.

Remove the wheel.

To remove the wheel arch lining, you need to remove the 3 plastic nuts and 3 plastic rivets holding it in. The nuts and two of the plastic rivets are shown below:

The third plastic rivet can be found at the base of the rear panel.

Remove the nuts from the top.

For the split rivets you will see that there is a centre peg in the middle of the rivet:

Push the centre pin in. We found a TX10 bit works well.

The peg should have fallen out behind. If not, reach behind the panel and pull it out of the rivet. As soon as you do this, the arch lining will be free.

Collect both parts of the rivet.

Now the arch lining should be free to remove from the car.

The fuel filter is located towards the front of the car just behind the air duct.

You don't have to, but if it makes it easier, remove the duct. It is held on with 3 plastic rivets. In order to remove the filter connections, you need to push in the two blue clips (as indicated below) and pull the pipes off.

Start with the bottom pipe and let the excess fuel drain into a suitable container.

Pull the filter out of its cradle and disconnect the rear pipe. There is enough slack on the pipe to do this if you haven't removed the air duct. The resistance you feel will be the lip on the filter fouling on the cradle and not the pipe stretching beyond its limit.

Replace the filter, observing correct orientation, and reassemble.

For the split rivets, push the pin in the front side and press so that it is flush.

When the car is back together, turn the ignition on but don't start the engine. Then turn it off and on again. Now start the engine. By doing this, you fill the fuel lines that will have been drained by changing the filter.

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