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Note: The roadster only has a limited top-mount depth to use. This is around 58mm. If your speakers are deeper than this, the window will hit the back of the speaker when it is wound down, and will either smash the window or push out the inner door panel. There are 2 methods to remove the grille, I recommend the first to try to avoid snapped clips, but the second method works also.

Method 1: Take a credit card (or similar) and slide down the back edge of the grille.

Once you have a gap, you can gently prise out the top clips by sliding the card upwards and across the top

Method 2:

Take 3 strips of masking tape and carefully lay across the top edge above the grille.

Use a thin knife/watchmakers screwdriver/credit card to gently pull on the top edge, and press gently down on the top securing tab to release.

This is about an inch from the front edge of the grille.

You might find that a credit card is actually softer on the grilles and you may be less likely to snap clips off the grilles.

Gently prise out the remaining clips from the side of the grille, pivot down on the bottom edge (shown) and remove.

Use a T20 Torx bit to remove the existing speaker from the door.

The roadster has an odd shape fitment for its speakers.

You have 2 choices to make the speakers fit.

You can trim away some of the interior door panel to create a slot to fit the speaker tab or you can cut one of the tabs off the speaker (as below).

Connect up the speakers, and mount the crossovers securely in the door panel.

I sealed the crossover in plastic to add protection against water.

Loosely secure the speaker using 2 existing mounts, and drill a new hole for the new 3rd mount.

You can add a metal screw plate to the back of the door skin if you want to, this might help to keep the screws in tight, though this is not necessary.

Refit the grille by putting in the bottom first then clipping back into place.

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