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Installing a trip computer is nice touch which makes the centre console of the smart Roadster look more hi-tech as well as providing you with some added performance monitoring. In order to retrofit a trip computer, you will need to obtain the following parts:

  • Trip Computer Unit (SQ0013120V002C59Z0)
  • Relocated switch face (SQ0013157V004C22A0)
  • Relocated switch frame (SQ0013156V004C96A0)

The trip computer sits where the control buttons are located. As a result, these have to shift down a level.

You will also need the following tools:

  • Torx Bit T20
  • Torx Bit T25
  • Torx Bit T30
  • Radio Removal Clips
  • Radio Code
  • Some PVC Tape

Use the radio clips to remove either the standard radio or if you have an after-market radio, you will need to remove the both the radio and the fascia. Disconnect the aerial and other connectors.

To remove the button frame, release the two clips shown.

There are two more clips at the bottom. You will need to reach behind the buttons to release these. The following picture shows where they are located on the back of the frame.

To release the button frame, push back the two retaining clips on either side. The button frame will now come free.

Disconnect the connectors from the back of the buttons - be warned, they are very stiff. When you do this, be careful not to rub the button frame on the rest of the interior plastic. It might be worth protecting it with a cloth. It will be obvious what connector does what, however, if you are in doubt, or if you want to rearrange the button order, label the connectors with their function.

Once free, remove each button from the frame. They simply push out from behind.

Remove all the acccessories from the lower centre console. The shelf units just pull out as follows:

CD trays and the ash tray need to be released before removal. Reach behind them and pull the plastic bar forward. This will bend in the side clips and the unit will pull free.

With all the accessories removed, you will be able to pull off the front frame of the lower section.

You will notice that the cigarette lighter is secured to the side wall by means of an awkward TX20 screw. You can either use a short tool to remove it or for now, just undo the connector at the back. This might be covered in gaffa tape if mine is anything to go by.

You will need to remove the entire lower section of the centre console in order to relocate the cables for the buttons. In order to do this, undo the TX25 screw at the top left of where the accessories used to be. Then undo the two TX30 screws at the back of the accessory bay.

Whilst holding the left section, pull the right section forward towards the back of the car.

The two sections will unclip and separate sideways.

If you haven't already done so, loosen the cigarette lighter from the left section. You will notice that there are a couple of slots lower down.

Refit the lighter at this level and tighten will the TX20 screw used previously. Do not use this screw back in the hole where it came from. It is too long and you risk going through the side wall. However, it is the correct length to secure the cigarette lighter in the new position. You don't have to put any screw to hold the side wall in place as this will be held when reassembled. However, if you want to for piece of mind, use a small self tapper.

Time to move the cables from high to low level. Due to the size of the connectors, they will not fit through the opening on the right hand side. You wll need to slide them over to the left hand side where the opening is larger. TAKE CARE when doing this as you might sever the insulation on the cables. I wrapped mine with some PVC tape to offer some sacraficial protection. This is particularly awkward if you have a Roadster with a lot of button functions!

Once all the cables are on the other side, there is plenty of space for the connectors to drop through.

Feed the cables through the hole at the rear of the right hand lower section. Reconnect the cigarette lighter.

Reassemble the lower section.

Take the new button frame and ensure that you have it the correct way up before fitting the buttons. Side on, the front face of the frame should lean forward and the side clips will be stepped as shown:

Fit all the switches back into the frame. The standard order is:


However, there is no harm changing the order to your preference. Just ensure that you reconnect the corresponding connector!

Fit the front section to the new button strip. Refit the front face of the lower centre console.

Slide the button block back into the top slot of the accessory unit until you hear the clips locate and the block is fixed.

Re-fit all the accessories starting with the ashtray.

Now that you have reassembled the lower section of the centre console, it is time to fit the trip computer. If you have the temperature and boost pods fitted, you will notice an adaptor cable linking a large connector to a small one. Remove this adaptor.

On the back of the trip computer unit, you will see two sockets at the side. Plug both connectors which you dettached from the adaptor into the appropriate socket.

Slide the trip computer back into the the space which the buttons previously occupied. You will hear it locate at the top on both sides. Push a bit harder at the bottom of the unit to locate the lower 2 clips.

Reconnect the radio head unit and slide back into place to complete the installation!

Switch the radio on and enter the keycode. Turn on the ignition and check functionality of everything you have worked on. The beauty of the trip computer is that it does not need to go back to smart for a TAN if you already have the pods installed. Now book a day off to read the operating manual...

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