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On a Roadster, you are likely to remove the carpet for one of two reasons: either to install cabling, or to dry it out!

Start by disconnecting the battery. This is very important if you have seats with integral airbags. Failure to do this will lead to an airbag warning light on your dash. It is good practice to do this anyway, even if your car has standard seats.

Use a T45 Torx bit to loosen the front bolts securing the seat runners to the floor.

Side the chair forward and loosen the rear bolts.

Prop the chair such that you can access the bolt securing the seat belt.

Remove the bolt taking care not to lose any of the washers. Unclip the belt from the top of the chair and tuck out of the way. Disconnect any cables going to airbags / seat heaters in order to remove the seats from the car.

Put the seats out of the way and admire a very bare cabin. Collect any stray pound coins!

Free the door seals and the base of the peak seal. Where the seal is glued, don't pull it off, just tuck the seal out of the way.

Remove the centre tunnel.

Remove the centre lower sections as detail in this guide.

Pull off the corner covers as shown. These are held in by two clips which will free as you pull.

The carpet is now free to remove. Free it around the handbrake then begin to pull it towards the back of the car.

Be careful that it doesn't get snagged on the pedals. Once free, the carpet will lift out in one piece.

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