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To add to your driving comfort, why not install cruise control? Now that average speed cameras are becoming ever more common, cruise control may be more a necessity than a luxury. This addition will require a TAN from your local smart dealer. The exact price of the TAN varies but expect to pay around £100. You only need the following part in this mod:

  • Cruise control and wiper stalk (SQ0012540V004C96A0)

Physically, all you need to do is replace the existing wiper stalk with the cruise control one.

You will also need the following tools:

  • Torx Bit T10

Start off by slackening the 4x TX10 screws under the steering wheel that secure the dash.

The top and bottom section of the dash will pull apart. You may need to apply a bit of force as the front section is secured with a clip shown in the picture below. As the dash comes apart, the insert that sits around the back of the speedo and rev dials will ping out. Move this out of the way.

Move the speedo back out of the way. You can disconnect it if it makes it any easier to work.

To remove the wiper stalk from the car, push the retaining clip in - you will hear it click. Pull the stalk upwards until it is free. You may need to gently persuade it with a screwdriver.

Remove the wiring by squeezing the lever on the side and pulling.

Now that the old wiper stalk is free, offer up the cruise control stalk. Reconnect the wiper wiring.

You will notice a small connector that is taped to the wiring. Undo this and straighten out the wires.

Plug this connector into the small socket on the cruise control stick.

Push the cruise control stalk back into place.

Clip the two sections of the dash back together before securing in place with the Torx screws.

Push the frame back into place around the speedo.

For the finishing touch, you need to remove the end cap from the old wiper stalk. I recommend using a blade to prise it off as a screwdriver will chew up the edges.

Once removed, simply clip onto the end of the cruise control stalk to complete the installation. The wipers will work but flicking the cruise control function will do nothing until you get a TAN from smart.

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