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Not everyone likes the smart logos on their car. Polish and dirt get also get trapped around them. it makes life easier cleaning the car without them there.

First thing you need to do to save ripping your finger nails off or damaging your paintwork is to build yourself a tool. We tied a length of fishing line to two pens which made an excellent removal tool.

The fishing line cuts well through the adhesive behind the plastic letters.

Now that the lettering has been cut off you need to use a alcohol solution to remove the foam backing and any remaining glue. Be very careful not to damaged or melt your paint doing this.

With all the adhesive removed you can make a start on getting rid of the outline the badge will have left in the paint. Use a liberal amount of T-Cut to polish the whole back boot lid, this will blend the badge shadow into the panel.

Finally, you need to protect the newly cut surface so polish the car up to a really nice shine. Move the car around in different lights ensuring the badge shadow has been totally removed.

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