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Powerflex bushes are designed to be fitted without the use of a press so this makes this a fairly straightforward DIY mod.

The first thing we need to do is to remove the rear hub link from the car. This is held in place by four fixings each carrying quite a bit of tension, so a bit of creative jacking is required to release this tension from the fixture you're trying to undo.

The top of the hub link frame is secured to the sub frame with an 'E14' bolt either side. These need removing.

To remove the lower half, the back of the nut needs to be held as it's not captive - a 20mm spanner is required here.

Once these four fixings have been removed the hub link can be removed clear of the car ready to start work removing the old bushes.

To remove the links from the supporting frame the heat shield needs removing. This requires drilling out the three pop rivets circled in yellow below.

Unbolt the links to remove them completely.

Using a blow torch, burn the old bushes out of the arms. The outer frame from the old bush needs to be retained as this will be the seat for the new bush.

Allow the arm to fully cool before attempting to touch it. Clean the inside of the seat with a file or similar - this needs to be as clean as possible to aid fitting of the new bushes.

Using a liberal amount of the supplied assembly grease lube up both the bush and the inside of the seat.

Press the bush all the way through the arm to locate it. A vice maybe required to press it in the rest of the way.

Slide the supplied metal ring on the back of the bush as shown below.

Repeat the same process for the inside bush.

Now the arms have been built up they need to be refitted to the frame and the car reassembled.

Fitting the hub link is the reverse of removal. Please note the additional washer supplied in the kit for the outer bush.

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