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Bosch have been making AeroTwin blades for a good few years. You will now see them on all sorts of cars as an OEM fitting including the new fortwo 451.

There are several benefits of having these later style blades but most people prefer them for their aesthetics, they really do look more streamlined and generally give a more finished look to the wiper assemblies than conventional metal framed blades.

These blades do not need to be bought from any smart specialist, they are available to the public from any Bosch agent under the part numbers 3397007207 or AR502S.

First things first, we need to remove the old blades...

Lift the arm away from the windscreen and flip back like so...

If you look closely you can see a small clip, squeeze the clip into the arm...

As you squeeze the clip pull the whole wiper blade down to move it clear of the hook...

Finally pushing down to remove it completely...

Grab the new blades out the box and measure them up against the ones on the car already as one blade is longer than the other.

Squeeze the textured tabs on the side of the blade to release the plastic covering.


Flip the cover right the way back to reveal the internal fixing.

Slide the new blade vertically down the arm passing the hook through the flipped up cover, push the internal clip into the hook (same fitting as the old blades).

Push the fitting of the wiper up into the hook until you hear a 'click'.

Press the plastic covering back closed again until it 'clicks'.
Repeat the process to complete the installation of the other side.

As you can see it really does give a more up-to-date look to the Roadster's wiper assembly.

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