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We recommend getting some Dot 5.1 fluid to refill the system.

Leave the car with the handbrake on.

Locate the jack under a safe point of the car. Either use the jacking point or if your car is too low, locate the jack under the front wishbone!

Slacken off the wheel nuts, and then proceed to jack up the car, and remove the wheel.

Lever out the slide clip that connects the main brake line to the flexi-hose.

Use a small 11mm spanner to loosen the lower connector whilst holding the top nut with a 15mm spanner.

It may be easier to simply slacken off the lower connector then finish unscrewing the connection with your fingers.

Be aware that brake fluid will come out of this open end.

That end will now be free, move the flexi-hose a little to get it free of the bracket.

Using a 13mm spanner, slacken the calliper end of the hose, then twist the hose itself to unscrew it from the calliper.

Take your replacement hose and screw into the calliper first.

A G1 car has only 3 hoses to replace, they have different fittings front and back.

A G2 car has 4 hoses, with the same fittings front and back, the SHORTER hoses are the front hoses.

After fully tightening into the calliper, refit back into the brake line bracket, making sure that there is no excess tension in the way the hose bends into shape.

Tighten back to the brake line, and refit the bracket.

Note that your aftermarket brake hoses may have different size fittings to standard.

Refit the wheel.

The rear brake lines are located on the n/s/r just in front of the wheel arch on the inside of the trid.

Drop the under-tray down, undo the central plastic nut on the main bracket using a 13mm spanner. Note, on the Brabus roadster, the charge-cooler radiator has been installed after the brake lines and restricts access to this nut.


Unclip the black bracket, remove the ABS sensor wires and store out of the way, then in a similar way to the front brakes, loosen the connector on the brake-line section.

The other end is mounted on the rear chassis frame, lever out the securing clip (blue arrow). Use a 15mm and a 13mm spanner on the flexi-line (red arrows), and undo.

Refit using the new hoses, and repeat for the other brake line.

Refit the wheel, and remember you MUST bleed the brakes before moving the car. If you have fitted stainless hoses we recommend refilling the system with Dot 5.1 fluid.

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