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Powerflex bushes are designed to be fitted at home so this makes this a fairly straightforward DIY mod.

The part number for the roadster is PFF68-104-18.5

Changing these bushes can be done one of two ways. The first is to do it through the front boot (with the bonnet bin removed), the second is to drop the front under tray.

Throughout this guide we will be showing the change from underneath. It is however much easier to do from the top if your only doing the antiroll bar bushes. The location of these are shown below.

Ensure you are on flat ground and the steering wheel is straight. Remove the 18mm nut securing the links bracket to the wishbone.

Un-hook the front of the bracket and remove.

The old rubber bush can now be removed.

The new bush comes in two half's, these now need to be lubed up with the sachet provided (this can help quieten them down when in use).

Place the new bush in the holder.

Rotate the bracket and located the bush around the antiroll bar.

Clip the front of the bracket back on and clamp the holder down.

Repeat on the other side to complete.

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