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Do you have an early Roadster? Have you noticed a crack in the paintwork on top of the tridion safety cell? This is a common problem on all Roadster. The difference with later models is that you can't see them!

The grooves on top of the tridion are where different sections of the tridion were welded togther prior to paintining. However, with normal driving, the natural flexing of the chassis causes stress in the paint resulting in a hairline crack:

In response to this problem, smart responded to this by bringing out a genuine part that sticks over the groove and hides the crack! All later model Roadsters were fitted with this from the factory. It should be noted that the cracks do not affect the chassis integrity, nor do they lead to corrosion.

To add these strips to your Roadster, you will need ask your smart parts specialist for the following part:

SQ001 5755 V001 0000 00

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