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This guide is for fitting HIDs in a Roadster.

First things first, Go and buy two 15a mini flat blade fuses before starting.

Remove the Bonnet bin using a 2pence coin in the four screws, the bin then just lifts out.

For n/s/f fitment;
Remove the Headlight cowls, unscrew the 2 T25 Torx screws as shown.

Once these are remove you need to pop the 2 clips on the outer edge of the cowl, these lugs are quite substantial and so a little force will be needed to pop them out of the wing. (You could use a hair drier to warm the plastic which may help it to flex).

Once the lugs pop out of the wing, the cowl will effectively hinge forward on 2 more curved clips, the cowling will then just lift away. (Picture 1)

You must now remove the Headlight Unit, there are 5 T25 Torx screws, remove these, and pop the locating lug from the position shown. (Picture 2)
Move the headlamp to one side.

Locate the ballast box in the cavity (this is mounted on the wheel arch lining).

Connect the ignitor to the ballast, and also mount in the cavity, be mindful of the depth of the headlight unit, so they do not interfere.

Take the headlight bulb grommet from the back of the headlight, and cut a 25mm in the back, be careful because the cap is made from rubber, it doesn’t cut very easily!!

Feed the wiring harness through the cap, and secure the new grommet in place.

Secure the HID bulb into the housing, and retain with the spring clip.

Connect up the wires to the back of the bulb… not you may need to bend the pins down to be able to fit the modified cap onto the lamp housing.
Rest the whole headlight unit back in place and check operation.

Refit the headlight unit in reverse, pop into place the locating lug, tighten the 5 Torx screws in place, then re-attach the headlamp cowl.

For o/s/f fitment;
Follow the same procedure for n/s/f fitment, but you will need to be very careful of the location of the ballast box and ignitor due to the presence of the washer reservoir.

Suggested locations are shown, the ballast was located down behind the washer reservoir, and the ignitor is mounted on an isolated pad located on the Tridion frame. Again check for clearance on the headlamp unit.

Check for operation, and refit as before.

Remember depending on the colour temperature of the HID bulbs, you may want to change the sidelights too.

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