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Click here for a list of all the lamps on a Roadster.

Open the bonnet and remove the bin from the car. You can access the back of the headlights directly. The lower light is the dipped beam with the full beam at the top. The following picture shows what you are trying to do with the whole assembly removed.

Pull the rubber cap off the back of the fitting. Carefully pull the connector off the back of the lamp. It may be a bit tight, but a gentle wiggle will free it.

Squeeze the two metal levers together in order to free the lamp. Refit the new one with the tab on the H7 bulb pointing vertically. Push the connector back on and test. Carefully put the rubber cap back on, ensuring that it is sealed all the way around.

Sometimes the headlight units can get smashed by stones off the road. If you need to replace a fitting then click here.

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