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Without the luxury of a fully equipped workshop many people find themselves requiring the use of a trolley jack or similar. However, it may not be clear where the jacking points are especially if this is the first time you have jacked up a Roadster. Jacking up the car in the wrong place can cause serious injury or damage to the car so it is important to use the correct points.

Standard Roadster

There are four main jacking points, two on each side as follows:

To jack up the rear:

On the underside of the side skirts, you will see an exposed section of tridion just in front of the rear panel access flap.

Locate your trolley jack centrally on this point - be careful as the top of the jack only just fits inside the plastic cut-out of the side skirt. You may find that the jack doesn't easily slide under the side skirt. You will have to carefully try and lift the rear of the car whilst you slide the jack under.

To jack up the front:

The front locating point is not as exposed as the rear but is locaated as follows:

Again, locate the jack centrally and elevate:

Brabus Roadster

The four jacking points described above still exist on the Brabus Roadster but it is not possible to use them with a trolley jack. The 'theoretical' locations are:

However, the Brabus is so low that it is not possible to slide the jack in at the back:

or the front:

To jack up the rear:

If you look under the side skirt at the rear jacking point, you can see that the exposed section is too narrow for a trolley jack head. It is likely that the correct lifting rigs at dealers will use this point. However, we can't.

We recommend using the rear subframe as follows:

Don't use the section parallel to the wheel as the jack has a tendancy to rub on the wheel. Instead, locate the head on the 45° bend towards the rear of the frame. There is just enough space to pump the jack.

Ensure that the head of the jack is located centrally on the subframe otherwise the car may slip off!

In this example, steel wheels were removed and Brabus Monoblocks were fitted. Make sure that the jack is located far enough away from the steel wheel to cater for fitting the wider Brabus wheel before you lift the car!

To jack up the front:

Looking under the front of the side skirt, you could be forgiven for thinking that this could be used as a jacking point. However, the Brabus skirts will not support the weight of the car and they will break if you try. Again, this is for use by dealer rigs only.

You've got a very limited choice. We suggest using the front wishbone as follows:

Locate the centre of the jack on one of the wishbone cross links. Again, there is just enough space to pump the jack.

Whenever working under the car, always use axle stands.

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