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Sometimes when you apply the handbrake on a Roadster, the light on the dash (indicating that you have done so) may not come on. This problem may occur randomly. Although not a big problem, if you drive off with the handbrake on, you will not get the warning beeps. We have found this on two Roadsters for slightly different reasons.

Although it is easier to access the handbrake switch with the carpet removed, you do not need to do so. Use the following pictures to get an idea of what to get to. You can access it where the base and rear carpets meet.

This shows the function of the switch with the handbrake off:

This is it with the handbrake applied. As you can see this makes contact between the grey and brown wires completing the circuit.

First, check the connection. Sometimes this gets snagged on the carpet and pulled out. If the connection is loose, then try to close up the connector so that it grips securely. Clean the contact areas shown with a fine wire brush or contact cleaner and test. It should operate correctly now.

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