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The special edition wheel here required the existing airbag and ESP/steering angle sensor to be swapped over.

Remove the bonnet bin using a coin to undo the screws.

Use a 10mm spanner to remove the negative battery connection.

Here we have removed the speedo, this was for another project, this is not necessary for the wheel change.

Unplug the ESP and Airbag connections, this can also be done after the wheel is removed.

Use a T40 Torx bit to loosen the main wheel securing bolt.

Securely grab the wheel and gently pull until the wheel comes off the splines.

With the wheel now off the car, unclip the rear cover.

This simply pulls off.

With the rear cover off, press through the horn bar retaining pegs.

Unplug the horn connection from the back of the horn bar.

Use a T30 torx socket to remove the 2 airbag retaining bolts.

The airbag will now release, and you can undo the single yellow connector to the back of the wheel.

Use a thin screwdriver to unclip the earth connection in the wheel frame.

Turn the wheel over and press through the 3 retaining lugs holding the ESP cartridge to the wheel.

Remember to remove the wheel retaining bolt.

All the component parts are now free.

Next, to rebuild the wheel.

We found that the special edition brabus wheel had extra height mounting lugs for the cartidge.
These needed to be ground down by about 3mm in order for the cartridge to lock back into the frame.

Add back in the securing bolt, this will help stop the cartridge from spinning when clipped back in the frame.

Clip back in the earth connector.

Reconnect the airbag.

Push the airbag onto the frame (should be some lugs to hold it in place), and bolt back up with the 2x T30 bolts.


Plug back in the horn connection, add in the springs then clip the horn bar onto the frame.

Clip the rear plastic cover back in place.


The wheel is now ready to fit back into the car.

Plug in the ESP/Airbag connectors.

Slide the wheel back onto the splines, ensuring that the wheel is straight, remember to line up the 2 prongs ont he cartridge with the mount on the steering column.

Once all refitted, connect the battery and test!.

Providing you have not 'spun' the ESP cartridge, and have disconnected the battery for at least 20 mins, then you shouldn't experience any alignement issues.

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