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If your cruise control stalk becomes sticky or is intermittent in operation, then the stalk will need a small service.

Remove the stalk from the car. You don't have to but it makes it easier to work.

Grip the end of the stalk, including the roll switch, and pull.

It may take some force but will come free. The roll switch will probably fall off the free section. If it does, be careful not to lose the springs.

Clean the surface tracks with contact cleaner. Their functions are shown below.

Clean the ends of the spring contacts and ensure that they touch the tracks when the stalk is reassembled.

If the roll switch is sticking, disassemble the top section. This shows all the parts that make up the stalk:

  1. Stalk body
  2. Roll switch
  3. Roll switch springs
  4. Top section
  5. End spring
  6. End button

Clean the roll switch of old grease and reapply with fresh.

Fit the springs into their holes. Be careful to push them in when refitting the roll switch.

Reassemble the stalk. Test mechanical operation and fit back on the car.

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