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One of the most common breakages on the Roadster has to be the intercooler duct. It hangs down below the car and is often broken on speed humps or other debris in the road.

Fortunately the replacement of this is relatively simple, and the part is not too expensive at around £20 from smart ( part number 0009487 V002).

The part is secured in three places to the car. There are two metal clips and a single plastic pin rivet. We found it easier to remove the clutch actuator in order to replace the duct, although it is possible to replace it without this step.

First jack the car up, ensuring that the wheels are chocked and you use axle stands for safety. You will need to get under the car and have room to work. You can complete this task on ramps also.

As you look up into the duct, you will see the plastic pin rivet, lever out the pin with a small screwdriver, and once that is out you can remove the rivet part.

Next the metal clips need to be removed from the outer sides of the duct, for some reason smart have installed these clips so that the open part of the clip is uppermost. This makes it tricky to remove. We recommend that you use a magnet on the clip to ensure you do not lose it as they come off with quite a ping!

At this stage the old duct will be loose, push the top of the duct toward the front of the car and it will release. Remove and discard.

The duct has 2 slots which slide onto tabs on the upper section which will still be attached to the car, then the clips secure the duct to the upper section.

We would advise that you replace the clips with the open side down to make removal easier should yu need to carry out this job again.

Finally, replace the rivet on the inside of the duct and push the pin fully home to secure.

Step back and admire your work. Your car will probably run approximately five degrees cooler!

If you removed the clutch actuator then replace and adjust.

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