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To improve the handling and aesthetics of the Roadster, the Bilstein Coilovers are a huge improvement over standard suspension.

The hardest part of changing suspension is the removal of the top mount nut.
There is a proper suspension removing tool to undo this nut, but other options for the home mechanic are to use a 21mm ring spanner with a T47 Torx bit in the top of the shock.
It does require a lot of force, so we used an 21mm impact socket to remove it which worked perfectly and instantly.

Loosen the nut, but leave in place so it supports the shock whilst you remove the lower mounting.

Jack up the car and remove the wheel.
Prise off the hub bolt dust cap.

Use an E14 socket to undo the hub bolt.

Remove the suspension leg clamping plates using an E14 socket and a 16mm spanner to stop the nut on the back from moving.

Repeat for the second securing bolt.

Now the shock absorber should just be 'hanging' from the top mount, so you can now undo that nut and remove the shock.

Your new suspension kit will most likely not be fully assembled, so you need to piece it together before you can install it.

Take your shock absorber, place over the lower spring mount to rest on the shock mount.*
(*depending on your choice of suspension, you may or may not need this)

Place the spring over the shock.

Install the bump stops, in this case we have have cut them down as we're lowering the car.

Not all kits provide them, but we recommend installing dust covers.

Slide on the top spring mount.

Place the mounting damper on the top.

Rest the top mount in place together with the securing nut. if you have spring compressors you need to attach them to the spings to allow you to tighten this nut.
However it is useful to have an additional person available, as you should be able to compress the springs by hand whilst the other person can tighten the nut down.

You should now have a complete assembled suspension leg.
Reassembly is the reverse of removal, but remember to attach the top mount and plate in first, then align up the hub bolt with the bottom of the suspension leg, before you tighten the clamping plates.

Remember to tighten the hub bolt to 120Nm.

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