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As the soft top doesn't usually get cleaned during a normal wash, it will build up with dirt over time. It is also important to clean the roof and waterproof it to maintain its integrity.

There are many cheaper cleaners on the market but we have found the smart soft top cleaning kit to be the most effective. The kit comes with a cleanser, a application brush, a cloth and a weatherproofing spray.

The smart part number is: Q000 9460 V001 0000 00

Start by spraying the top with the cleanser.

Concentrate on stubborn areas first. Spray some cleanser, and leave for 2 minutes.

then give the area a scrub with the brush.

Spread the cleanser over the rest of the roof with the brush.

Apply in a circular motion. Do not put too much force laterally as you may stretch the roof canvas.

Dip the brush in some warm water.

Start to lather up the roof with the wet brush.

Leave for a couple of minutes and start to rinse.

Rinsing will take several attempts in order to wash out all the cleanser. Be careful not to drown the car with water or it will leak...worse than normal!

Sponge off remaining water from the seals and leave to dry.

Once the canvas is dry, spray the weatherproofing sealer sparingly and evenly. Wipe off any overspray from the paintwork.

Your roof will now look as good as new.

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