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You will not find a stock Roadster with silver wing mirrors. Whereas the standard black plastic ones look fine on black roadsters they look a little odd on silver ones. It also seems strange how all the fortwo Passions have silver mirrors but a Brabus Roadster doesn't!

You have two options on colour coding them. Either get the surrounds painted or replace the black surrounds with silver fortwo ones. Both methods require removal of the mirror assembly. In this case, I managed to source some fortwo mirrors.

In order to complete this task, you will need a torx set.

If you have electric wing mirrors then the cover pulls off in the direction of the arrow shown below. If you have manual ones, pull of the rubber gaiter, loosen the O-ring and undo the two torx screws, locations of which are shown below.

This may help show you where all the clips are on the cover. It can sometimes be awkward to remove it but be patient and don't force anything!

Undo the electrical connection and loosen the two screws shown below.

The mirror unit should now come away from the car.

Take your fortwo mirrors and loosen the 3 screws from under the assembly. Do the same with the ones you have removed from the Roadster.

Swap the foam seal from one to the other. You will see that they are cut differently and the fortwo seal will not fit on the Roadster frame.

Feed the cable (or manual adjuster) from the fortwo mirror through the Roadster frame.

Tighten up the mirror assembly.

Refit the mirror unit to the car. Take care not to overtighten the screws.

Reconnect the wiring and fit the cover. Observe that the catches fit back in place firmly. This is a notorious leak weak spot and incorrect fitting on the cover could have severe implications.

Check that the top of the cover hooks over as shown.

Admire a much better appearance! Now repeat for the other side...

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