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If you notice your rear brakes squealing loudly under braking, it might be time to replace the shoes. However, if know that there is plenty of wear left, then following this guide may solve your problem.

Ensure that the car is on level ground and chock the front wheels. Slacken off the rear wheel bolts, jack up the car, and remove the wheel.

Use a TX30 bit to remove the securing bolt from the front of the drum.

Release the handbrake and try to pull the drum free. It will probably be stuck so tap it all around the edge with a hammer to break the rust.

As the drum comes free, be careful as a large amount of brake dust may be released.

Vacuum out any lose brake dust and free any stubborn bits with a brush.

If you feel the face of the brake shoe, you will notice a slight step where one part of it has worn and the other hasn't. File this step down so that the face is all at the same level. Then slightly chamfeur the edges of the shoe all round.

Give the drum a final clean out to remove all debris.

By assessing the shoe, you should be able to guage how many more miles are left before replacement. Reassemble the drum, refit the wheel and test. You should have no more squealing under braking.

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