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Brabus exhausts are notorious for not looking their best forever; the Brabus Roadster can is no exception.

Restoring the exhaust can be done either on or off the car but for better results its best removed.

First thing to do is to remove all corrosion and old flaking paint with a wire brush or sand paper.

When you are happy that the surface is prepared properly, degrease the whole pipe with thinners.

Mask off the chrome tail pipes as we want to retain their finish.

Use a black VHT (very high temperature) paint, similar to what is shown below.

Spray the paint onto the exhaust in several thin, even layers.

Allow to dry as per the product's instructions, the finish should be very similar to that of the factory.

Remove the masking tape that was applied earlier to reveal the tail pipes.

With a metal cleaning product such as AutoSol polish the tips to a mirror finish. The left hand pipe in the picture below has been polished.

Repeat the polishing process on the other trim, as you can see the exhaust quite simply looks brand new.

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