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Should you need to remove the fan whether for motor reversal or radiator maintenance, you require the following tools:

  • 1x 10mm spanner/socket

First unplug the fan, the connector is located above the radiator just below the top subframe.

There are 4x 10mm nuts holding the can to the radiator. Three of these are easy to remove, the fourth (arrowed in green) is a little more tricky due to the proximity to the chassis tube.

Undo all these nuts. A trick for the top nut is to use a 10mm socket on a 1/16" drive (due to space considerations), and try to locate the socket from reaching above and down from the top of the chassis tube, locating the socket by feel. There just is not enough room to try to locate the socket from either side or the bottom.

The fan will simply lift off now.

With the fan now free, you can take the opportunity to reverse the fan direction or simply tidy and clean the radiator fins.

Refitting is essentially the same as removal, but as a tip, locate all the nuts first, starting with the 'fourth' nut, as this will prove most challenging.

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