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Before replacing the LEDs, the whole dash needs to be removed from the car. In order to do this, separate the dash frame by using a Torx T10 bit in the locations shown:

Pull the dash apart. The back surround will pop out. Move this out of the way.

Disconnect the dash by swinging round the retaining clip and pulling the connector free. Remove the whole dash assembly from the car.

On the base of the dash there are two T10 screws which hold the base on. Free these.

Pop off the speedo cowl as shown:

Remove the bezel by carefully unclipping it all the way round. These are fragile so be careful.

On the underside of the unit, there is a warranty tag. If you are not concerned about this then cut through it. However, it may be possible to save it by carefully peeling it off with a knife. Over time this seal becomes distressed from the operating heat of the speedo and it is not noticeable.

The assembly case is held in place by two clips on the base. Free these and lever around the dials as shown.


Next, remove the dial covers by unclipping them from the dial frame.

Remove the needles by pulling them straight off. You may need to slightly twist them anti-clockwise in order to free them.

On the back of the PCB, there are four tabs which hold the LCD in place. Free these as shown:

Free the dial frame by simply unclipping it from the PCB.

You have now broken the dash into its constituent parts.

Take the PCB and begin your LED changes.

Click on the picture to make larger. LED orientation is shown with a triangle pointing to the cut-out on the negative side of the LED. Observe correct polarity when soldering.

No.TypeOEM ColourFunction
1 PLCC-2 Warm White Speedometer Numbers
2 PLCC-2 Warm White Rev Counter Numbers
3 PLCC-2 Red Needles
4 Side LED Warm White LCD Backlight
5 PLCC-2 Red Oil pressure warning
6 PLCC-2 Red High water temperature
7 PLCC-2 Orange ESP
8 PLCC-2 Red Battery
9 PLCC-2 Red ABS warning
10 PLCC-2 Red Handbrake / brake fluid
11 PLCC-2 Blue Full Beam
12 PLCC-2 Orange Rear fog lights
13 PLCC-2 Green Indicators
14 PLCC-2 Orange Airbag
15 PLCC-2 Orange Engine Warning
16 PLCC-2 Red Seatbelt

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